Letter to my boys continued...

My Dear Boys,

As I was saying...
I love each of you so much. At times it feels like my heart overflows and joy, overjoy, seems to want to burst out of me.

Like when I hear Jack and Taylor playing together happily in the other room, acting out a dramatic battle between bear and dinosaur.

Or when your dad plays "chase" with you guys, weaving and dodging, running and hiding, all to the sound of your thrilled laughter. He'll be smiling and laughing as sincerely as you all are.

Or when Noah wakes up and I walk in and he beams and says "MOM!" so happy to see me. And even when he clings to me when its time for him to go to nursery I feel it, because I know that soon he won't do that anymore. That will be bitter sweet. And how he knows how cute he is. He'll strut and beam and pose. This may not be so cute as he gets older, but right now I love it.

Or in the middle of the night when I'm all groggy after feeding Austin and I turn on the lamp so I can wrap him up or change him. I'll be thinking he's asleep, but he'll just be looking at me with his dark eyes. So very sweet and calm. Just looking at me. Just thinking of it makes me want to kiss his cheeks again and again.

Or when Taylor wakes up from his nap and comes and finds me wherever I am so that I can be so happy to see him. Or when he'll be playing with his animals or dinosaurs by himself, acting out scenarios and doing their voices: "otay, i gunna go now." "otay, I wub you, be safe."

Or when Jack is kind and generous beyond his years, looking out for his brothers, eager to please his mother. I love how he'll tell me all about primary, describing how the Holy Ghost isn't a mean or scary ghost but rather a "nice man who loves Jesus." Even when he'll "RAWR!" at other kids at the park. I know the kids probably don't love it so I remind him to play nice, but deep down I love how the world is his oyster and he is who he is.

Each of you is unique and wonderful. You fill my days with new adventures and deepen my joys. I am honored to be your mom. Now I've got to get back to doing it.

May we continue to grow (in our own sweet ways) together for years to come,

All my love and life,


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