A sortof boring post...sorry

What a wonderful trip we've had. Kevin rode up with Kristen, Weston, and Marlee on Friday night/Saturday morning. Nick, Nadine and their 3 kids flew in that morning. Eric and Andy and their girls had come over the day before.

So finally at around 1 pm we were ALL there. Bruce, Jane, Nick, Nadine, Audrey, little Eric, Sam, Eric, Andy, Ruth, Sadie, Natalie, Kevin, Jack, Taylor, Noah, Austin, Kristen, Weston, Marlee, Mikelle, Seth, Brian, Marielle, and Peter= 25 people in 2500 square feet for 7 days. It was so so fun. So far everyone who has married in to our family comes from a relatively big family so we're all pretty good at squishing and sharing. Each family and Weston had a room, the single girls slept in the living room, the single boys in the family room.

I have so much to write about...
-being reunited with Kev
-the reunion
-my love of the country
-coming home...

I admit I haven't really known where to start, or if I should just skip and jump forward to today. All my pictures from the trip are on my parents computer. Their internet is slow and it was hard to do much that way.

All in all, I'm happy to be back. I felt like we lived life to the fullest there and all, but life with my little family was on hold. I learned some about myself, some about motherhood, some about marriage. But mostly it was just a nice vacation and I suppose I'm ready to get back to what we are as just the six of us.

Jack holds up a hand and an extra finger and says "are we this many people?" I'll say yes and Taylor holds up his pinky and says "this is Aussin." He's started calling Austin 'buddy' and I love that. What a good life this is. I'll post pictures when I get them.

Sorry this is a little lame. I felt pressure to make it a good one, as it has been so long. But I choked under pressure...obviously. Ah well.


  1. Glad you made it home safely! Too bad we're not there to come see you!

  2. I'm glad that you had a nice visit and made it home safely!

  3. Weston is the only name I didn't know on that list! Is Kristen engaged?!

  4. Not engaged, but they've been dating for a while. He's actually Nadine's younger brother as well.

  5. That's so fun. I was wondering if they were related because I saw that their last names were the same.


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