always room

This weekend we took the boys camping with the Larson side of the family. My sister in law Nicole's family has property about an hour south of here up the canyon. It is BEAUTIFUL! really. It was amazing. With vast expanses of green, mowed grass, a perfect winding creek complete with bridges and rope swings, a fishing pond, aspen and willow trees, running water and bathrooms...it was paradise. The boys loved it.

I didn't bring a camera, thinking we'd just take pictures on Kevin's phone. It died on the way there. So sad. There was one moment in particular I would have loved to capture. It the early morning as the sun began illuminating our tent, Tays woke up. Kev and I had zipped 2 sleeping bags together and were sleeping there with Austin. Tays joined us, then Noah.

When I was little my mom once used the phrase "there's always room when someone cares." This is not necessarily true, but I latched on to that and whipped it out at my convenience when I wished to be included by my older brothers. When Jack woke up and wanted to climb in too, Kevin was explaining that there was no more room. There I was with Austin on top of me, Noah and Tays were squeezed in between Kev and I, the zippers were hanging on for dear life. I said "honey, there's always room when someone cares" and we both cracked up. Kevin said "I'm out of here!" and climbed into Jacks abandoned sleeping bag. I climbed out too and Jack climbed in. There they all lay in our sleeping bag, our little boys all in a row, smiling in the morning light on their first ever camping trip. Oh, for a camera!

The boys loved it and although I got very little sleep, I'm excited to do it again. Too bad it's getting cold. Danny and Nicole are super campers who went every other weekend this summer, including the week before and the week after she had baby Ethan. Incredible. I know I've said it before, but Nicole amazes me.

We made it home in time to pick up Mikelle and watch the BYU game. Had we known how the game would turn out, we probably would have stayed away. Disappointing, frustrating, blah. But...It was fun to have my sisters around a lot this weekend. They're so wonderfully helpful and funny.

Behind me the boys are watching "dora the explorer" and Noah is belting out "ARRIBA! ARRIBA!"...I love it. He's very interactive in this television viewing approach. We get a kick out of him.

Today is (potty) TRAINING DAY for Taylor! I know, I know, it's about time. He's been ready for a while now. I just haven't been ready to dedicate the time and energy until now. I'll let you know (sparing the details) how it goes.


  1. It sounds like a great weekend, BYU game notwithstanding. (It was SO frustrating! Bleh.) Best of luck with the potty training!

  2. Thats a cute story! Hate it when I forget my camera for moments like that. Oh well since its written down now you can remember it anyway. Good luck with the potty training!


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