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It was such a nice day today. Yesterday I was a bit cranky all day because I could feel the chill in the air that meant summer was over. This afternoon was beautiful though and I remembered why I love the fall. I'm so excited for drives up the canyon to see the changing of the leaves, the hot dog roasts, the sweaters, the pumpkins and costumes.

I love to make soups and cooler weather gives me a good excuse to make them. Cooking in general is more pleasant, albeit more fattening, in the winter. Maybe I'll try baking bread this year.

Today we took a little walk to return pants and underwear that were loaned to Jack in a moment of need. We stayed and played and I soaked up what may be the most perfect weather of the year. In my neighborhood I feel surrounded by such good people and perhaps Thanksgiving is already on my mind...I find myself counting my many blessings.

I do need to develop some new traditions though, things that make me excited about the upcoming cold. Hot dog roasts and canyon drives won't keep me happy forever. Pajama Wednesdays, maybe? No, seriously though. Anyone have ideas for fall/winter traditions to keep things from getting dreary? Something you look forward to every year that might boost my spirits too? I'm serious. I haven't really blogged in the winter so you don't know how I get. Please help. Get me excited. Anything...anything at all. Please share.

PS. I guess the cold weather does mean I get to put Austin in these jammies, and that makes me very happy. him too, evidently=)

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