the hurl-y boys

2 of my little 4 are sick today, throwing up everything they eat. Poor Tays looks almost green and wants to sit on my "laugh" all day long. Noah wakes up, eats, throws up, takes a bath, falls asleep, wakes up, eats, throws up...My house has fallen down all around me. Cars and toy animals scattered everywhere. Breakfast plates still on the table, bowls of left behind chicken soup on the TV. Laundry pile growing by the hour with shirts and blankets and pillows, the bath getting lots and lots of use, towels on the floor and couches.

But it's been alright today.

I love how mellow kids get when they're sick. They're all warm and out of it. Like the perfect little lap dog...who occasionally hurls on you. There is that downside. I love how emotionally needy they become. They just want to be held and soothed. Noah came and found me where I sat talking on the couch this morning. He crawled onto my lap and didn't look good. I asked Kevin to bring me a bowl. I positioned it below Noah's face and said, "you can throw up in here." He did instantly, the obedient boy.Jack was a great helper, fetching blankets or binkies or diapers, alerting me urgently each time someone threw up. He was quite sympathetic and let Noah use his personal blankie.

And Austin didn't mind sharing my lap with a brother or two all day. He was just fine as long as he got his share. He's getting a little feisty, insisting that he's not left alone for long. I'm afraid I've spoiled him a little

And now it is night, and Kevin has cleaned my house and they are all in bed. And we're going to play big boggle before retiring ourselves.

PS. I asked Kev to come up with a clever title, as I never can. That is what he came up with. well, it's better than "another sick day" I guess...


  1. Oh, Natalie! I am so so happy to re-connect with you! And I'm very glad to know your blog. I read a few of your posts and was amazed, inspired, and even brought to tears. You have always been an inspiration to me, even though our time in Provo didn't overlap very long. You are the embodiment of SUPER MOM! I especially appreciated your positive and peaceful approach to motherhood on one of "those" days when kids are sick and the house has been turned upside down. I'm going to try to be more like that. You have me curious, who's blog did you visit that linked to mine? I wonder who our common friend is. Take care! I can't wait to follow your blog now!


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