NOW I'm ready for fall

At a yard sale today I found all these fun fall decor items...I was so happy! The yard sale was pretty funny. This lady must have been an over-the-top decorator. Her kids told her they were doing an intervention and held this yard sale while she was out of town so she didn't have to see it go. That's the best, when the people selling are happy to see it all go. I spent $15, which was a little steep by my standards, but I also got a few Christmas things I'm excited about.

Don't you love that huge walnut? It opens up and I plan on keeping nuts in it all season, naturally.

I know the pitcher isn't fall-ish, but I love it. I can't wait to fill it with orange juice.

Anyway, just wanted you to know I'm excited. Also, I spent the evening in our backyard with the boys. It was such a perfect night. We brought blankets, pillows, and a TV out into the night and watched a movie with popcorn and cupcakes.

We watched "a Troll in Central Park." It was another yard sale purchase today. I watched in many times as a child and it was creepier than I'd remembered, in an obnoxious sort of way. I loved the kid's hair. Oh my. The flat top, straight-up bangs, AND the rat tail?...yuck. the sad thing is I remember 2 kids in my 2nd grade class with the same style. Blaine and Heath. Bad hair and weird names. sad, sad, sad.

But although the entertainment wasn't top notch, the boys had fun and the company couldn't have been better. It was a really good day.


  1. OK, I'm really jealous of your yard sale finds yesterday! I haven't found much good at a yard sale here, and it saddens me. I guess I'll have to be more persistent. Way to go on the decorations! I have found so many good decorations at Utah yard sales!

  2. I didn't realize you guys had had a picnic in the back yard with a movie. I think that was a great idea. You're such a good mom.


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