Going UP

Yesterday Kev got off work a little early and we took the boys to see "UP" in the dollar theater. Our first attempt at taking all four to a movie. 5:10 on a Wednesday night isn't prime movie-going time, so it was perfect for us. We got them all set up in their booster seats, then they didn't want them, then they did. Noah ended up on my lap and Taylor was right next to me. Taylor kept saying "dis is a behwy scahwy mobie mom!"

It was a little intense at times, and maybe a little over the heads of our little gang. I liked it, and laughed out loud whenever Doug talked. "I hid under your porch because I love you." I didn't LOVE it, which I'd expected to given all the rave reviews I'd heard. Maybe that was the trouble, high expectations.

What I did love was getting out and doing something different as a family. I loved watching Jack's face and hearing Taylor's commentary. I loved holding my little Noah, kindof skinny lately due to being sick last week. I loved the freedom that a near-empty theater allowed (read: being able to nurse Austin without anyone noticing). It was good.

After the movie we drove by a chick-fil-a and noticed their "kids eat free Wednesday" sign and decided to stop. It was pretty good. We don't usually go there, and it was a little expensive for the combo meals, but all in all the night cost us about 15 dollars. Not bad for dinner and a movie for the family. The kids got ice cream and balloons and we all went home happy. Even more happy when they all went to bed right away, worn out from the little adventure.

I did all of this wearing jeans that were too big and a blue t-shirt with a olive green sweater that had a DEEP V-neck that made the t-shirt under it look ridiculous. Had Stacy and Clinton seen me, I'd probably be in New York getting a makeover right now. Does it make it better that I knew it was bad and am therefore at least aware of my folly? Or worse, because I knew better and didn't care enough to change?

Truth be told, I'm actually wearing it all again today, as I type this.

Thoroughly unrepentant.

Ah well, Kevin still still likes me, and that's all that matters.


  1. Natalie, this was your realest post yet. Just when I think you can't get any more honest. Congratulations on overcoming all the Burnham "image" issues.

  2. Thanks mom. At first I though, oh that was really nice, then I wondered, is that just a nice way of saying I've taken my strong and proud family heritage and dragged it through the mud, putting generations of ancestors to shame? Let's just wait until Marlee starts a mom blog...she's the one who doesn't give a hoot about what anyone else thinks.

  3. That sounds like a perfect family outing.

    Oh if you want the ropa vieja recipe email me jackson.emerson@gmail.com Sean scanned it for me.

    I fully believe you should be completely unrepentant of casual days.


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