I wouldn't trade.

Yesterday I watched Stephanie Nielson on Oprah. I don't normally watch Oprah but I was excited to see this episode. I am inspired by Stephanie, as she always makes me feel happy and blessed in my role as a mom. She really looked beautiful. It was motivating to watch.

As I lay in bed nursing Austin last night, I thought about Oprah. Her little empire. Her brief tribute to stay-at-home moms yesterday. Her life. How would it be to be so rich and powerful? To have whatever I wanted.

Then I looked down at my baby. His chubby hand absentmindedly rubbing up and down my arm as he nursed with his eyes closed. And I was very, very content.


  1. I have also thought of Oprah randomly when I am cleaning the boys' pee of the toilet for the 100th time that week. She probably hasn't had to clean a toilet in 30 years!!! But at the same time, that woman knows NOTHING about growing and stretching and learning because she's never been selfless enough to consider having a child.

    $ cannot buy happiness, nor can it buy anything like the experience of having a children.

    Plus, she REAAAAALLY bothers me. But I'm so sad I missed Stephanie! Do you have it recorded?

  2. To the comment above they have a little clip on Oprah.com

    I loved watching Stephanie. I really think she is beautiful. I love Oprah.

    I wonder what it would be like to be that rich as well. It would be no nice not to have to cook or do the laundry!


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