...forever on the hips.

Yes, Austin is a very attached baby and it can be rough on my arms sometimes.
But I love him, all the same.


  1. looks like you do the same thing I do all day! Grace loves being held still. PS. Michael shaved his mustache that night. He hated it, as he should. :)

  2. I can relate to that! At least he's a cute hip ornament.

    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog a while back. It's fun to cyberly meet you.


  3. I try to keep Leah on my hip, to help camouflage my muffin top! hahahaha

    I wish we could have come up to play yesterday, but I feel better about not sharing Leah's week-long cold. Ugh! Have a good trip!

  4. my current baby boy is exactly the same way. I pendulum swing between loving it and being annoyed by it. But mostly love it. He won't be the baby for long...


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