Another year

I have made a decision about Jack. He will NOT be attending kindergarten this fall. His birthday is in June and his tender little heart needs more time to toughen up a bit before I release him out into the world.

This train of thought began long ago, but then I put it aside and began preparing both him and myself for the inevitable day in late August. June is an early summer birthday after all. But last week in primary he had another melt down and that started me thinking again. Is he ready?

I haven't put him in preschool because I didn't really want to. We did a little co-op when he was 3, but that fizzled when Austin was born. I like having him here with me. I want him to learn and grow and make friends, but I don't feel that preschool is essential to a 3 or 4 year old's development of these skills. It seems everyone I know does send their child to preschool and I don't disagree with that choice. I just choose something that works better for me and mine. Having 4 to buckle into car seats is certainly a huge con when it comes to out of the home activities. And frankly, I didn't really write up a pro/con list. I just wasn't something that I really wanted to persue with my kids.

I don't regret this decision, as I like how Jack is turning out so far. But, I think it would do both of us some good to take this extra year, since the choice is mine. I, of course, talked with Jane about this and she made me feel more secure in this decision. Then I talked to Kevin, armed with all the wonderful insights my mom had given me. I know I should have talked to Kevin first. But he was at work when I wanted to really talk about it, and I'm not a patient person, so I called my mom and we chatted about it for a good hour or so...the benefits of that extra year of development, how 5 year olds are so fun to have around. This coupled with my own personal feelings about Jack and what will be best for him (and many other factors, of course) made this an easy choice, once I allowed myself to consider it. Kevin and I discussed it, and while he was hesitant at first, he now agrees (and not because he loves me and goes along with whatever I say) that it really just is the obvious choice for Jack.

So turn the TV back on, boys! We've got ourselves another year! Just kidding=)

This has actually made me even more excited about the changes we are implementing and the year that lies ahead. It's going to be legendary!


  1. I am so excited to hear about what this year will bring for you and your boys, Natalie, because I feel I'm somewhat like-minded when it comes to sending ones so small off to school. And THANKS for the great comments on my blog! I am nerdy, too, when it comes to looking forward to connecting with the blogging buddies.

  2. Good for you. I'm sure you prayed about this and your mother heart is leading the way. Several years ago one of my teenage sons came home from stake conference (I was sick that day) and told me about a talk a woman gave on mothering. My son shared a quote from that talk and I've always remembered it: "There is nothing so powerful as a righteous woman's prayer."

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with what Jill above said. You should always let your mother heart guide you. No one knows your child and what is best for them better than you. I personally struggle with the idea of sending my babies away to prek and kindergarten. I think public schools are asking for too much too early. In our state there is full day prek in some places and they are thinking of making is mandatory! I think a 4 year old should be at home with their mom and not at school all day! They are only little and home with you for a brief time and then they HAVE to go to school all day. Enjoy him this year!!

  4. I have to agree with everyone above. We've already talked about the struggle I had with my Jack about this same issue. His birthday also being late in June (almost July). I did end up sending him, but I do worry alot about him and sometimes just want to have him home with me still. I always think that no matter what school officials or other people think, mothers know best!

  5. My husband was a June birthday and his mom held him until he was six. Never regretted it, and I would totally do the same (especially for boys). As a teacher, sometimes in high school you can STILL pick out the "young" ones in the class. A little maturity/development boost is (only) a good thing!

  6. Nat...you are an amazing mom...I know I haven't met you, but I have no doubt about this. I am doing preschool with Halle...but ONLY because it's four hours a week and SHE is desperate to go. Our district went to FULL DAY kindergarten this year. Are they CRAZY!?!?!? There are a lot of furious parents out there and at this point there is NO way I can imagine sending my five year old to a full day of school. I can't even imagine half a day, but full day is NOT an option. You are momma and you truly know best.

  7. You are such a wonderful patient mom! FYI David will not be attending preschool next year. I am not really a pre school believer so we should get together! I just love having all the time I can with them! (this is Julie even though it will say it is Aaron)


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